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22 January 2013 @ 08:38 pm
In between working on the cross stitch project I've been working on this. I've finally finished the inner ring of the 'Gate and I'm getting ready to start on the outer ring. Then its making the chevrons and attaching them!

Stargate Afghan1
10 January 2013 @ 12:03 pm
I am planning another Stargate project and this time it is a blanket or afghan. I am using the Red Heart Super Saver colors Grey Heather, Real Teal and Delft Blue using an H crochet hook. The pattern calls for an I hook but I can't seem to find it anywhere. LOL

stargate blanket_1

Thanks to Sue Jedeye Williams and her lovely friend for the pattern. I can't wait to start working on it! 
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06 January 2013 @ 02:04 pm
Not much chance to work on the project over the holidays but I did manage to get part of his face done. Now he can see what I'm doing. LOL

sheppard_cross stitch
25 December 2012 @ 12:51 pm
I've made some more progress with the project despite my crazy work schedule. Every spare minute I have is spent working on this. I love Sheppard and cross stitching so what more incentive do I need? LOL


You can actually start to see the layout of his jacket now. And I am slowly working up to the section with his face. 
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10 December 2012 @ 06:23 pm
The project is coming along pretty smoothly. Its huge so its going to take some time between RL and actually having time to work on it plus several other projects.

This is what the stitched pattern looks like.

This is how far I have gotten with the project. That is part of Sheppard's jacket and of course I had to start with him.

Sorry that the pic looks so yellow. I will try and get a better pic tomorrow when I have better lighting. LOL
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24 November 2012 @ 02:23 pm
 I haven't used this site for a long time and I thought that since I am about to embark on a rather large (HUGE!) Sheppard and Teyla cross stitch project I would post the progress here.

This is what the pattern looks like laid out...

For those interested there are 38 colors being used. I have all of the thread but one and I will be getting that on Tuesday. The pattern is being stitched on Aida 14 count 30" x 36 (76.2cm x 91.4cm) cloth using 2 strands.

If anyone is interested in these patterns you can order them at http://www.spacebabyuk.com/Cross_Stitch/Atlantis_page1.html
This was it, ya'll! The big day when I met Joe, Paul and David!

First up was the breakfast with David and Kate Hewlett, Chris Judge and Paul McGillion!

It was really nice because we met people that I had seen the night before and everyone was chatting and having a good time and then they all walk in!

Kate and David were so funny! They insult each other big time but you can tell how much they really love one another. They were taking turns at the tables so we waited and chatted a while and first up at our table was Paul!

He was wearing blue jeans and a blue jean shirt over his tee shirt. He was so nice and funny! Someone asked him if they were pregnant yet, he said no. He talked about Alcatraz and how he guest starred and it got picked up so he couldn't get a recurring part. He also said that he liked the show because every week it was something different and how great Sam Neill was. He also talked about New Zealand and how beautiful it is and about the time that he and his wife visited Hobbiton and how one of his actor friends had dressed up as Frodo and spliced himself into the movie and Paul thought that it was real! LOL

He also talked about his roles in TV he's done recently. The lady next to me asked him about the movie he did with Shannon Doherty on SyFy and he asked her 'You saw that?' Because she was one of the few. Sadly, I missed it too. *sigh* But he talked to us about his role on Once Upon A Time and that he had played the Knave of Hearts and how he like working with Robert Carlyle.

Then his time was up and next up it was Chris Judge!

Chris looked really tired and he was really relaxed and friendly anyway. He was wearing a baseball cap backwards and a tee shirt and jogging pants. Someone asked if he liked living in LA or Vancouver better and he said LA because the cool and dampness there in Vancouver made his joints ache and we both agreed that our arthritis was killing us. LOL

Next up was David Hewlett!

He was wearing jeans, the red white and blue shirt and a jacket and was just superb! He also had on a button that someone asked him about. It said ‘I’m with Genius’ and a fan gave it to him so he pinned it to his jacket. He's really lost some weight and looked really good. Lynne introduced me and said that it was my first con and that I was the Suzie in the documentary and his face just lit up like a kid at Christmas! We talked about the doc for quite a bit and Vancouver and then he told us how Bazz was smarter than him and then he and Lynne started comparing phones! LOL He definitely is a nerd when it comes to the new electronics.

He and Kate were hurling insults at each other across the room and keeping everyone laughing. That man can talk faster than I can! It’s no wonder he could do those fast talking Rodney McKay scenes! LOL He talked about Amanda Tapping and how she was working on the Canadian version of Primeval and a new show called Continuum on Canadian TV. I saw some previews for it and it looked pretty damn cool! And then they came along and told him that his time was up but he kept talking for a few more minutes and then he thanked us for coming and moved to the next table.

Next up was Kate! She is so pretty and thin! She was wearing a very pretty floor length black and white dress with a flowery pattern and a very pretty necklace that her father had given her that said 'you are my sunshine'. She talked about how she was working on the new show on the CW called ‘L.A Complex’ and how she had written for Jewel Staite. They were talking about what a bitchy character Jewel was playing and how much Kate loved to write for her because Jewel was so good at it. She was asked about Mars and she was telling us how she loved that dog and how they were thinking of doing a movie called 'A Dog's Bed and Breakfast' LOL She might have been joking but maybe not! LOL She was another one that can talk a mile a minute too and she was laughing and poking fun at David about how she always had to tell people that he was 9 years older than her because he was telling people that she was older than him. LOL And they were yelling this at each other across the room! LOL

She and David kept picking at each other some more and then they had to go because they had a photo op to do, So Lynne and I went down to the lobby and it was then about 10:30a that we saw Joe getting out of his vehicle and walking into the hotel!!!!!!!!!!!

Right after that I went upstairs to my room to drop off some stuff and then it was on the photo-op with David which In was almost late for! LOL

He was so sweet and talked to Lynne and me quite a bit about the doc and then he was off again. Lynne and I sent some messages to the forum, stepped outside for a bit and then went upstairs for the panel with Joe, David and Paul!

They were absolutely hilarious and doing a shadow puppet show during the music video. We couldn't see a lot of it from where I was sitting but I saw a bit of it so I can only imagine what they were doing back stage! LOL Then they were introduced and most of the stories they told we've already heard and they kept talking over one another. Joe told us about one of his boys starting Catholic school and he wanted Joe to help him with his homework but when he tried he didn't have a clue about the Bible! Plus, his son bought the book home; he picks it up and doesn’t even know what it is! LOL

Then they started talking about the video game Joe was maybe going to be a part of but he couldn't say because they basically told him to keep his mouth shut about it. LOL He did tell us about how they scanned him so they could have his image and voice and talking about how his kids would love it because they could go 'Oh, daddy fell over a cliff' over and over and then David gleefully joined in too! They mimed Paul's exploding tumor which was funny too. Paul kept saying how Joe and David were worse than him but I don't believe it! LOL

Someone asked about what books they liked and David admitted that he had everything on his Kindle.

The panel was over far too soon and then it was on to the photo-op with the 3 trouble makers! David, Paul and Joe were just fantastic and super nice. Especially when I shook hands with Joe, said hello and headed straight for Paul and David. LOL Joe had quite the WTF was that? expression on his face but he was still smiling! LOL

And then it was the photo-op with Joe alone. He was quite charming, looking fine and was as nice as I expected him to be even after I gave him the brush off the first time. I could tell that he was a bit reserved but he was friendly enough. He thanked me for coming, I thanked him, patted him on the back which got a smile out of him and it was over all too soon.

At the autograph session I got to talk to him a bit more because I had so many pics to get signed and I also gave him the Art book. He seemed quite pleased with it and spent a few moments looking through it and then at the cover. If you could have heard the way that he said ‘ThunkSisters! LOL

I wish that I could have gotten some pics of him then since I was right there but alas I couldn't. *sigh* These are the autographs I got though I wish that Joe had personalized because David and Paul certainly did! Oh well...there is always Atlanta!

I got a little raised eyebrow look when he saw this pic! LOL But what can I say...I love Bad Boy Sheppard!

From David...

Paul who was super sweet though a bit deluded! He signed this 'To Sexy Suzie' I laughed and he pointed his pen at me and told me in a stern voice 'You Are!' and then dropped into his Carson voice and said 'Doctor Beckett said so!' LOL

Also Kavan and I'll post Chris's as soon as I can scan it!

In all, I had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to experience DragonCon!
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Had breakfast with Lynne and Nigel and I got to meet the rest of the crew. I met Jay, Dave and later on Tim and they were all just super guys!

After that I went to the ballroom and saw the talk with Mike Dopud from SGU. Then there was Susanne Braun who played Hathor on SG-1 and Julia Benson from SGU. Then came the panel with Chuck Campbell, Kavan Smith, Robert Picardo and Steve Bacic. They got pretty raunchy and had the audience howling with laughter. Robert sat there trying to pretend that he didn't know them most of the time! LOL

After that was some more filming at the Vancouver Center and Stanley Park. They were getting shots of me and I was taking pics and I managed to get quite a few really good ones. Vancouver was beautiful and I had a great time!

Then it was trying to get through the traffic and back to the hotel.

At the autograph session I met TarisEiren and she was just super nice! We talked for a bit and then we were finally in line when they called our row. I managed to get autographs from Suanne Braun, Kavan Smith, Chris Judge and Lou Diamond Phillips! They were all great although Lou seemed sort of put out when I told him that the autograph was for my sister. LOL We finally got out at 10pm and then it was room service and bed because Sunday was the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Finally in Chicago and I'm not arrested yet! And what do you know? These people look as strange as I do!

Three hours until the flight out to Vancouver. When I get there I will be 3 hours behind from when I left Roanoke. I should call home and see if I'm still there. LOL

Just doing some people watching while we wait...wait...wait and wait some more. It's like watching a zoo. Big, tall, short and small...and why in the world would a woman want to wear high heels when you're trekking through the wilderness that is O'Hare airport??

Like ants they're milling around. Some are happy, some are sad and some...like me...look like they could just get on the damn plane and go! Oh well, at least I'm right across from the bathroom. Plus food is nearby and so is a book store so I can survive! lol

Maybe I should add in something about the flight since it was my first one!
I didn't freak, I didn't try to jump out and it was fun looking out the windows watching the clouds and then we came in for the descent to O'Hare, I loved how the plane banked coming in. I did a small freak when the plane started to descend and the flaps came down but it was fun. It had better be too because next is the 5 hour flight to Vancouver!

An hour and a half to Vancouver! This flight is actually pretty smooth and everything is going great. So busy talking to Indoe that I never noticed the take off until I looked out the window and the ground was growing smaller by the second. Sitting next to the emergency exit is fun because I get to open it if there is an emergency!  Note to self...Make sure which one is the window shade and which one is the emergency handle before pulling! LOL

I have to say though, I have traveled by bus before but using the bathroom on a plane when there is turbulence is a whole new lesson in balance. Thank goodness that the second trip was a lot smoother but good grief! Who designs these tiny holes? Some sadistic, anorexic pencil???

Finally managed to take a nap and then we were finally in Vancouver!

Finally at the hotel. Lynne and Nigel have gone off to do some filming and the first thing I do is freshen up and then I hit the convention floor so that I can register for the weekend. I picked up a tee shirt, some pics (Sheppard of course) and some Sheppard dog tags for me, After that it was a trip to the nearest store for some hairspray which to me was the most important purchase of all! LOL After the nap that I never took, I went back to the convention and did see Robert Picardo. He seemed very friendly but as he was talking to someone I wandered around the convention until Lynne and Nigel came back and then we had dinner and I got to meet RinkRat, Vecturist, NakedWesley, SGAFan, Montybird and Knightie. Cool ladies all and that was it for the day for me because we were all pretty tired.

Then it was on to Saturday!
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And be prepared for the ugliness that is Suzie! LOL

Pay no attention to this first part unless you really want to read it. They are just my insane observations because not only was it my first time to a convention but it was my first time on a plane. LOL

Here goes!

Nigel Akam, cameraman extraordinaire and Lynne Carter...affectionately known to me as Indoe on our forum...arrive to do some filming for the documentary about the women behind the scenes of Sci-Fi before we leave. Which of course you can read all about at www.Jfjsthunksisters.org! We had a blast and hopefully they got some good footage. They did a little of me packing, saying goodbye to my family, heading out the door into the light...which I admit looked pretty darn cool on film!

Action!Figure Shep is all ready to go and just as excited as I am since this is his first trip too!

We had a great night staying at the hotel because we had such an early flight. This is me the morning we were leaving Roanoke, VA and headed out on the first leg of the trip to Chicago.

Then finally we were on the plane! Actually, I wasn't very nervous but the plane hadn't taken off yet. We were supposed to leave at 6:30a but the flight was delayed for 30 min. That cut our lay over time in Chicago but hey...it is pretty watching the sun come up over the mountains. What I could see out of that dinky airplane window anyway and really it was more like a breadbox than a plane! LOL But at least I had a seat to myself and best of all? The seat belt fit! LOL

And then we were off!
I could see clouds and land...I had no idea what we were flying over but we were on our way to Chicago!

Thoughts started going through my head when we hit some turbulence...
Where's the barf bag?
I wonder if Bizzy has tried to take over the Forum?
Why is the flight attendant looking at me like that?
Where is that damn barf bag?

40 minutes until we reach Chicago and I'm still fairly conscious and I'm wondering what's going to happen next? Especially since I've already made it through Customs in Roanoke, VA so they can't stop me now!

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